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EQ3 Lynx Rijhelm

Supplier: Back on Track

Back on Track

EQ3 Lynx Rijhelm

From € 209,-

In the event of a fall, the brain moves a little bit to catch the blow. In the event of a fall of a horse, the brain moves much more violently, which increases the risk of brain injury. Regular helmets protect against skull fracture. Back on Track MIPS helmets protect against skull fracture and brain damage. The Back on Track Lynx is distinguished by the inside, where a yellow shell underneath the removable and washable cap moves a little in case of a fall, which also causes the skull to move slightly. This is called rotational protection. As a result there is a significant reduction of the risk of brain injury. The recent independent safety test run by Folksam insurance company in July 2018, ranked the Lynx as the best helmet tested. Available in sizes; Small (50-53) Medium (54-58) and Large (59-61). Available in black, blue and brown.