Project Description

Mobiele houten omheining

Supplier: Solar Fence

Solar Fence

Mobiele houten omheining

€ 25,- incl. VAT per meter length

This mobile fence can be disassembled and moved. It has only three parts: feet, uprights and beams. By default the arrangement consists of two beams with a post distance of three meters. The plastic feet weigh 15 kg each, making them sturdy and stable. They are also very easy to handle due to the built-in handle. The square wooden poles of 12 x 12 cm are 1.25 m high and easy to stack. The beams are 8 cm thick and 3 meters long. The fence can be used on grass, but also on sand or pavement. The feet are compact and do not form obstacles that create dangerous situations. Just three people can set up a complete arena of 20 x 40 meters within an hour.