Project Description

Mobile aquatrainer

Supplier: Kylix


Mobile aquatrainer

From € 125,000, –

Aquatrainers are recognized as rehabilitation and training equipment. The aquatrainer is a unique device for rehabilitation and training through walking in water. This method of training makes a major contribution to the recovery of various types of injuries.In addition to its regular aquatrainers, Kylix also supplies an aquatrainer as a mobile unit.The aquatrainer is built for this on a moving chassis, on a so-called tractor-trailer combination.This is a fully self-supporting unit: aquatrainer, treadmill trainer, generator, 3,500 liters of water in the water tanks, filter unit and optional massage sprayers. All this built up on the tractor-trailer combination. This mobile combination, like the other Kylix products, is put together entirely in consultation with the customer.