Project Description


Supplier: Equibene



€ 65,-

NeXaver is a protective neck halter consisting of two neck parts that divide the pressure on the horse’s vertebral arch downwards, but also forward. As a result, not only the vertebrae but also the muscle attachments, nerve channels and bursae are spared and the chance of blockages and inflammations is minimized. This pressure distribution has a direct effect on the related muscle groups, neck, back, chest, shoulder and front legs. The effect of NeXaver is not only positive for horses with behavioral or physical problems, but also for the well-being of healthy horses. When to use NeXaver? • For foals that are learning to be lead., • During transport., • For horses that back up often., • For horses that pull back with veterinary examination or with the farrier, or are scared or restless while being groomed.