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Pavo Ease&Excel

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Pavo Ease&Excel

€ 19,45

With Pavo Ease & Excel, Pavo introduces an innovative sports food that has been specially developed for a good stomach function of your horse. It is a structurally rich sports muesli, high in energy from fibers and oil instead of grains, with a very low sugar and starch content. Together with the patented Protexin In Feed-Formula: unique blend of natural raw materials that neutralizes stomach acid, strengthens gastrointestinal immunity and ensures healthy gastrointestinal flora, Pavo Ease & Excel is the perfect solution for sport horses with a sensitive stomach and nervous and stress-sensitive horses. -Structurally rich sports muesli to stimulate chewing., -High in energy and protein, low in sugar and starch., -Contains the unique Protexin In Feed-Formula.