Explanation ‘Horses Product of the Year 2017’

We would like to inform you about the ‘Horses Product of the Year 2017’ election!

As an organization, we look back on five beautiful editions in which this election has become a very popular one in the equestrian sector. Meanwhile, we are already looking forward to the sixth edition! Suppliers and service providers of different brands put their product or service in the spotlight, with the aim of winning the title ‘Horses Product of the Year’.

This title has brought the winners of recent years a lot of positive attention, many products are sold and the step to the foreign market is made!
Participation takes place for various reasons; creating awareness and attention for a new product, a renewed product, an existing product or, and that is an important point of the election, a very innovative product! Do you also participate?!

With the media we publish; Paardenkrant-Horses.nl (Magazine), Bit and Bitmagazine.nl, Dressuur and Dressuur.nl, we offer you a wonderful platform to promote your product, service and company. By participating in this election, you reach more than 500,000 people in the equestrian sector!

The election in steps:


Manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the equine sector participate with products or services of which they think are qualified to be chosen as ‘Horses Product of the Year’ (for specifications see the contest rules).


All proposed products and services are presented in the voting number, a special edition in print and via the special website www.horsesproductvanhetjaar.nl and www.horsesproductoftheyear.com in the horse sector. This publication will be distributed at the end of November to the subscribers of Bit, Dressuur, de Paardenkrant, Paardenkrant- Horses.nl Magazine and is available online via www.horses.nl.
As a participant you will receive the ‘nomination logo’ during the election and you will be provided with information in order to be able to promote your own product.

Voting procedure

Together with you, as Eisma Horsesmedia, we ask massively via our media platforms to vote. In January, we close the voting system and we will look into the results. Consumer votes count for 30% in the final result. In the meantime, a professionally composed jury will go through the products, try them out, feel them and test them. The jury’s opinion counts for 70% in the final result. A category winner will appear for each category. That category winner can present himself in their own category as ‘Category Winner Horses Product of the Year 2017’.

Entrepreneur Award

In addition to the awards for the winners of each category, there is also an award: the ‘Entrepreneur Award’! One of the objectives is to create awareness for new and renewed products. The jury awards a separate prize for the product which has surprised and charmed the jury the most by its innovativeness.

The winner

The category winner who, on average, has received the most public votes and the jury’s best judgment, may then call themselves the winner Horses Product of the Year 2017 throughout the year. (See contest rules).

Award ceremony

The awards will be presented on a festive evening in February 2018 where suppliers, service providers and retailers come together. Here all products and services are exhibited by the organization and networking is an important part of the evening. Obviously after the lucky winners have been announced.

Do you also have a product or service?